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Eurodistrict Saar-Moselle


Eurodistrict Saar-Moselle

Municipalities and inter-municipal structures within the Sarrebruck – Western Moselle area have a long-held tradition of cross-border cooperation, often consisting of exchanges and bilateral projects.

That is why in 2003, the president of the Agglomeration Community of Sarreguemines Confluences and the president of the Agglomeration Community of Forbach Porte de France, together with the president of the Communauté de Communes (federation of municipalities), the president of Sarrebruck's Stadtverband, and mayors of Sarreguemines, Sarrebruck and Völkingen, applied for the construction of the “Eurodistrict” in a letter to both French and German governments.

In May 5, 2004, presidents of the inter-municipalities with mayors of Sarrebruck's Statverband and the department of Moselle main cities, all partners within the association “Zukunft SaarMoselle Avenir”, signed a common  declaration with a view to creating the Eurodistrict. This was part of the huge manifestation held on the “friendship bridge” in order to celebrate the symbolic union between the German town of Kleinblittersdorf and the French town of Grosbliederstroff.   

The municipalities of the region finally achieved the ambitions expressed on the 40th anniversary of the Karlsruhe agreement and the Elysée Treaty.